Does India Get Tornadoes?

Does India Get Tornadoes? Yes But Very Rarely

Yes, India does experience tornadoes, although they rarely occur. The earliest tornado in India Can be traced back to the 6th of June, 1903, when a tornado struck Muketsar, which was located in the Ferozepore district of Punjab, India. There are also records of two tornadoes occurring near Ludhiana, Punjab on the 10th of March, 1975, and one over Delhi on the 17th of March, 1978. With these handful of storms that are relevant being the only ones that I could technically find, I would say this is pretty good evidence that Tornadoes in India are very rare, even more rare in China, as the country likely just does not experience conditions favorable for tornadoes very often. For more information on all things weather, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.


Which Part Of India Does Tornado Occur Most?

The region most prone to tornadoes is the northeastern part of the country, including areas of Bangladesh. These tornadoes are more likely to form during the late afternoon hours of the pre-Does India Get Tornadoes?monsoon season. A secondary maximum exists for the monsoon and post-monsoon tradition period in the northeastern region. Moreover, tornadoes have also been reported in a northwest corridor that extends towards Pakistan.


Why Are Tornadoes Not Very Common In India?


Tornadoes are relatively rare in India due to the country’s unique climate characteristics. Unlike the United States and other countries that frequently encounter severe weather conditions, India generally experiences a tropical and moderate climate. The hot air from the equator and the cold winds from the poles do not converge extensively in India, reducing the likelihood of tornado formation. While certain regions in India may occasionally witness tornadoes, their impact is typically less significant compared to other parts of the world.


When Was The Last Time There Was A Tornado In India?

The latest recorded instance of a tornado in India happened in West Bengal, resulting in significant damage to approximately 80 houses. Regrettably, this natural disaster claimed the lives of two people who were electrocuted during the event, while five others sustained injuries. This incident occurred just before the landfall of Cyclone Yaas, a severe tropical cyclone that affected the region.

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When Are Tornadoes Likely To Occur In India?

Tornadoes in India are most commonly observed during the pre-monsoon season, which typically spans from March to June. About two-thirds of tornadoes in the country have been reported to have taken place during this period. It is during these months that atmospheric conditions become favorable for the formation and intensification of tornadoes in the region.

With all this above being said, the final answer looks like NO India is not a hot spot for Tornadoes very often. What India is very favorable for however is to get DUST STORMS which happen in the country what appears to be more often than Tornadoes do. If you were to move from say the United States over to India, you would soon find that the climate over there is much more dry and hot than in the US. You would also find that you are at risk for Dust Storms, alongside a Red Sun, literally India has storms that model that of Mars, be happy with what we have in the United States in terms of Tornadoes is I guess the moral of the story there.



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