Types of Tornado

Landspout Tornado

What is a Landspout Tornado?

Landspout tornadoes are a type of tornado with a condensation funnel that is narrow and rope-like in shape. This kind of tornado develops while a thunderstorm cloud is still in the growth process and when there is a lack of rotating updraft. Rotating updraft is a spinning motion that begins near the ground level. 

Multi Vortex Tornado

What is a Multi-Vortex Tornado? (and how do they form)

A multi-vortex tornado or multiple-vortex tornado is, as the name suggests, a tornado that consists of several vortices revolving around a principal vortex. These are known as subvortices or suction vortices. Here’s a guide to the science behind multi-vortex tornadoes, how they form and sustain themselves, and what exactly causes them.

Waterspout Tornado

What is a Waterspout Tornado? (and why it’s unique)

A waterspout tornado is a twister that forms over an ocean, lake, or river. Compared to tornadoes, hurricanes, fire storms, and thunderstorms, waterspout tornadoes may sound less threatening. However, while waterspouts are weaker and don’t last as long as most of their fellow weather phenomena, some waterspouts can be just as destructive.

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