Global Tornadoes

Does India Get Tornadoes?

Does India Get Tornadoes? Yes But Very Rarely Yes, India does experience tornadoes, although they rarely occur. The earliest tornado in India Can be traced back to the 6th of June, 1903, when a tornado struck Muketsar, which was located in the Ferozepore district of Punjab, India. There are also records of two tornadoes occurring …

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Does China Get Tornadoes?

Does China Get Tornadoes? Tornadoes are rare in China compared to the United States. China has historic experiences describing powerful windstorms similar to modern tornados. Although there is limited documentation on the history of tornadoes in China due to inadequate technology, developments in meteorological technology have enabled more accurate recording and prediction. In this article, …

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Does Brazil Get Tornadoes?

Does Brazil Get Tornadoes? And How Severe Are They Vs How Common They Are In the Region Brazil is a vast and diverse nation known for its tropical climate, famous cultural contributions, iconic beaches, Samba rhythms and dancing; but tornadoes are not usually associated with this vibrant nation. Does Brazil Get Tornadoes? As history and …

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Does South Africa Get Tornadoes?

Does South Africa Get Tornadoes? Tornadoes, those swirling tempests of nature’s fury, are making increasingly rare appearances in South Africa. As climate change stirs the atmosphere, these destructive wind funnels could become more frequent visitor to the nation, causing harm. Let’s find out more about this looming threat. Does South Africa get Tornadoes and if …

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