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I want to start off by giving a tribute to the former owner of this blog, the late storm chaser that made all this possible:

Time In a Bottle by Bill Tabor, A Tribute to the Late Owner Of This Website

Good morning, afternoon and night all of those reading this blog post. I am writing this blog post as a tribute to the late owner of this website, Bill Tabor, a former tornado chaser, and from his Youtube channel, someone who looked like a pretty badass guy to be friends with. Since I am the new owner of this website and purchased it as our company’s first buy to expand our portfolio, I have a very good feeling about the quality and 20 year age of this website, and think that overall it should be a profitable buy.

I can only assume that the Youtube channel linked to this blog is still owned by the original family, and so I wanted to take the time to post some of the awesome storm chaser videos about the former owner of this website, and wanted to give a quick article on some of my thoughts about life as I am now the owner of this once great man’s domain. Even as someone who has yet to cross the age of 30 years old, buying this blog, and being the one who actually won the auction for it, has given me a sense of my own morality, and right now has given me something to reflect on about where I am at in life, how lucky I am, how excited I am to be expanding our portfolio, and how good it is to be young. I want to both enjoy and use my youth to expand what I really want to do in life, and I can’t help but have a good feeling about the future of this site, and the future of my business ventures going forward.

Time In a Bottle, What It Means and a Tribute to Bill Tabor’s Family and Life

I was bidding at the auction for this website last night, and while in the early morning hours today it seemed like I may not end up with this blog, the fact that I now have it in my possession has made me realized that out of respect I should publish this article about the family. William, “Bill” Tabor was the former owner of this blog, and I found the obituary for him when I was browsing the history of this website last night. His website is here if you’d like to make a donation or just read about him further:


About US Time in a Bottle

His Youtube channel link can also be found below:


I found one of the videos on his channel, and a photo on his obituary page which I will post below, where he is like only several car lengths away from a massive tornado. This appears to be when he was in about his late 40s. It made me think a bit about mortality, about taking risks, and about living your best life. The comments on the obituary page are mainly of people having regret of the things they DIDN’T do, like for instance the storm chases that they did not go on with Bill, the disc golf game they didn’t get to play, the restaurant they never got to go to. Most of all, it looks like Bill went out with a smile on his face, and that he likely chased tornadoes (this man has nerves of steel!) practically up to his last day.

Not sure what I was trying to say with this blog post, if anything at all aside from acknowledging the former owner of this blog. I don’t consider myself to necessarily be a religious man, but I do follow Stoic Philosophy quite a bit, and so thought it necessary to make a quick tribute to an amazing man who I never met, but who’s domain (and one that maybe he didn’t think much of when he was first setting it up) is going to help me to fulfill a life mission of mine in more ways than you could believe. This is such a huge milestone for us as a company, and I’ve literally been dancing around the kitchen all day with excitement about finally being able to acquire our first site.

With all this in mind, I raise a glass to Bill Tabor, donations can go to the family on his obituary page, and feel free to leave a like or watch this mans awesome legacy as a stormchaser on his Youtube channel above. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.

To a great man’s legacy, I will keep this blog alive and well as long as my will allows.


Truly Yours,


-A Friend


—————————–About Us – Part 2

Hi, my names Carlos, I’m the new owner of this blog alongside my partner Al. We manage this out of multiple states in the US and I am super excited to have gotten this blog setup as this website was our FIRST ACQUISITION ever! Super exciting milestone for the company and we’re hoping that the addition of this blog brings our portfolio to $1,000 per month in revenue. Yes we take the term “small business” to a different level.

Our office address is at 10121 Shephard Street in Fort Myers Florida, 33967. Feel free to submit an inquiry to the contact us box anytime, to subscribe for regular weather and tornado updates, or to share a comment with your experiences and we’ll respond as soon as we can. See the new office below!

About Us Time in a Bottle


Yep, she’s not much but she gets the blog posts written! Thanks again for being a loyal reader!


About Us – Part 3


We believe as a company in giving as accurate and a quality of information as possible on our websites. That’s why we’ve been bloggers for more than 10 years and why we continue to expand our portfolio today. I wanted to give a hotline number that you can call for anyone affected by tornadoes, they will provide emergency assistance or I’d imagine just council you over the phone with anything you need regarding the storm. See below:




This is the hotline to connect those affected by storms with Vetted Relief agencies. Leave a comment down below if you want to review them.



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