Does Brazil Get Tornadoes?

Does Brazil Get Tornadoes? And How Severe Are They Vs How Common They Are In the Region

Brazil is a vast and diverse nation known for its tropical climate, famous cultural contributions, iconic beaches, Samba rhythms and dancing; but tornadoes are not usually associated with this vibrant nation. Does Brazil Get Tornadoes? As history and news have revealed, tornadoes are indeed a part of Brazil’s meteorological tapestry mostly in the south and south east parts. Tornadoes are characterized by their violent windstorms swirling a column of air extending from a thunderstorm to the ground where most tornadoes can travel as far as more than two miles on the ground accompanied with wind speeds of not less than 110 to 300 miles per hour. The recorded history of tornadoes in Brazil dates back to the 19th century with documented accounts of these rare meteorological events. One of the earliest documented tornadoes occurred in Santa Catarina, Southern Brazil, in 1896. The general answer to the question of does Brazil get tornadoes is that they are somewhat rare in the area. It tends to be extremely hot in Brazil almost year round it seems like (somewhat like Florida, Tropical weather) whereas a serious Tornado season is going to require a mix of hot and cold air related weather like in Kansas, Oklahoma or Texas. In this blog post, let’s look at the historical Tornadoes of Brazil and how the storms have been for South America as a whole. For more information on all things Weather, be sure to comment down below or subscribe for additional details and information!

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Taquarituba Tornado

This is one of the most significant tornado events that occurred on January 9, 1941, in Taquarituba, Sao Paulo; Brazil. It resulted in extensive casualties and damage leaving that memory etched in the nation’s collective memory. This event acted as a catalyst for Brazil to take more initiate efforts for the awareness, monitoring and preparation for future tornado occurrences. It happened again on June 22, 2016 through not as powerful as some of its counterparts.

*Update>This looks to have happened again on September 13th, and it appears that each time this town in Brazil is hit with a Tornado, the effects are nothing short of devastating. This was in September of 2013, unfortunately it looks as though due to difficulties with their infrastructure in this portion of the country that as Tornadoes hit it has sort of a compounding effect making the city more prone to Tornadoes in the future.

More information about this tornado can be found here.

Jaragua do Sul Tornado

The town of Jaragua do Sul, Santa Catarina state witnessed a devastating tornado with speeds reaching up to 155 mph leaving a trail of extensive destruction of buildings and infrastructure.

April 23rd 2015 appears to have been the date of this tornado, it like the one above proved devastating to the town and was likely in the F4 or F3 range of strength. More than 2600 homes and buildings were affected with hundreds of individuals hospitalized. A “decree declaring a public calamity” was passed by the municipal government in the aftermath of the storm.

Xanxere Tornado

On April 20, 2015; one notable event was the Xanxere Tornado which caused a wide spread damage to infrastructure, businesses and homes which killed two people and injured 120 others. Fortunately, early warning systems and advanced meteorological forecasting played a major role in controlling the impact and saving lives.

The interaction of warm, moist air from the Atlantic Ocean with cooler air from the interior, varied terrain including valleys and hills which create favorable conditions for severe thunderstorms and enhanced storm rotation capable of producing tornadoes. The local authorities and the Brazilian government have invested in better early warning systems, forecasting technology and improved communication networks such as Doppler radar to increase awareness about safety measures against Tornadoes.

More information can be found on this Tornado in the link below. One thing the article mentions was how rare the Tornado was.

Tornadoes Are Rare in Brazil – Like Very Rare


Brazil with its persistent heat definitely is not Kansas by any means in terms of its Tornado Alley potential. It is actually quite rare to see Tornadoes happening in Brazil, and it is definitely not something they are accustomed to with Cellar’s and the like.

Final Thoughts on Does Brazil Get Tornadoes? How Many Tornadoes Do The Brazilians Get Each Year


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