Do Tornadoes Get Bad in Ohio?

Do Tornadoes Get Bad in Ohio? Which Cities Have The Worst Tornado Records in the State of Ohio

Do tornadoes get bad in Ohio? And how do the States of America fare in terms of severe weather? The great state of Ohio, while it typically is not at risk of being hit by hurricane’s, most definitely gets it’s fair share of a few different severe weather patterns:


Smog from the Canadian Wildfires

Frozen Winters



Dust Storms – mild

Do Tornadoes Get Bad in Ohio?Dust Devils

Bad Rain

Poor Air Quality

The list goes on and on. This list is followed up however by nonetheless than the actually somewhat active Tornado Alley that Ohio has for its own right. There are a handful of counties in Ohio that experience Tornadoes more than others including the following:






Shaker Heights


It seems that in the northeastern or midwestern parts of Ohio is where these storms tend to hit.

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Why Are There Such Bad Tornadoes in Ohio?

Technically Ohio lies on the eastern side of the maximum area of Tornadoes on earth! There have been 30+ tornadoes recorded within Ohio inside of a single year or as little as 0.

For my part, as a blogger not a meteorologist, it sort of seems like rural areas where it is super dry is where Tornadoes have the best chance of forming. In late winter it looks to start as moisture from the Gulf moves north, this mixes with freezing cold air from Canada and this creates a ton of bad thunderstorms from the mixture which causes Tornadoes.

Tornadoes are a by-product of this as well as bad thunderstorms. It has to be the combination of the two however, as Florida, the thunderstorm and lightning and hurricane capital of the world, does not frequently get tornadoes, as they are much more rare there than the Midwest, since cold air does not flow to Florida quite as much.

Has Ohio Ever Had an F5 Tornado?

There have been only 4 tornadoes in the last 73 years that have been recorded as the severe F5 scale of severity. 1985 in portage looks to be the last time this happened, it resulted in 10 deaths, and there were ten other tornadoes in Ohio on that same day.

The scary thing about Tornadoes is that if it hits you, you’re done. Like with a Hurricane, it’s more spread out, so you can survive because it’s weaker, and the flooding and length of time is really what you need to worry about.

With the Tornado, it’s more severe but much more localized. So if a Tornado hits your car or house dead on, I mean you’re toast I don’t know how anyone could survive especially with the debris getting sucked into the tornado. That has to be the scariest thing in existence.


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