Tornado Titans Review, My Review of a Fantastic Internet Resource

Tornado Titans Review, Review of a Fantastic Tornado Resource on the Web

My Tornado Titans Review will give a review of a really cool Tornado blog on the web, much like this one but with much more content. I’m also sort of hoping that they’re going to give me an post on their site since they are a high authority domain the weather industry! But alas, in this blog post, I will tell you why I absolutely love their blog, why I love them from an SEO perspective, why they have well researched articles on all things severe weather, and why their blog may be a little more serious than mine, which tends to have some goofball blog articles on it to reflect my larger than life personality!

Tornado Titans Review, My Review of, A Quick Look at Their XML Sitemap

This baby website that I just purchased, being, is now an online resource with just over 50 blog articles on it. has something like 700 articles on their website, all with really good sources on research. They are truly an authority in the Weather Industry, and we are mirroring our blog a bit off of theirs!

One thing that they do that we are also going to do on this website is add an email list with regular storm updates for all of our subscribers. Taking it a step further than this, one thing that we are also planning on doing is using this email list to have a sort of text messaging line that people with phone service but maybe no internet can call us on or send us a text message on in order to get information in their area about what is going on in there area. This will be free at first and then I may start charging like a quarter or a dollar a phone call, which can be paid in Crypto or by Venmo or paypal, in order to get information. I think this would be a great way to scale the blog and increase our LTV, and it sounds good in my head but may never get that far and we’ll just monetize with ads. In any case, the future of this website looks excited! One thing that we do have over is that we are OLDER. This website was established in 2002 and is nearly 22 years old! Tornado Titans can boast nearly the same age old track record that we have. We were also founded originally by a late storm chaser, so this blog surely has some history behind it.

Tornado Titans ReviewLong story short, I’m going to add hundreds if not thousands of articles to this website depending on revenue, so watch out Tornado Titans! There’s a new competitor in the weather market.

A Complement Paid to My Newest Competitor In The Weather Niche – Their Top 5 Blog Posts

My top 5 favorite blog posts on their website include the following:

Double Strike in the Grand Canyon

Their videos Page

What is a Wall Cloud

What are Landspouts

What is Lightning

What is Hail?

These are some awesome keywords, some very well written and thoroughly researched blog posts, and their blog is really great both as a reader and a blogger that is looking to expand their weather website. Maybe with a little luck they’ll give me a backlink as well since I just gave them like 5!

A Quick Tornado Titans Content Review, What Does Their Blog Cover?

One thing that I really like about this blog is that they are a great source of information about Tornadoes, Hurricanes, and all things weather. They also have a Youtube Channel, Instagram, other Social Media Accounts, and are a legit authority in the Industry. Definitely one of my go-to’s….second only to yours truly, if there’s ever a tornado in my area. So yes, Tornado Titans is a good resource.

Final Thoughts on My Tornado Titans Review, My Perspective on a Great Tornado Resource

If you are reading this website, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will hold this website near and dear to my heart over the hopefully decades of life that I have left because this is the first website that we are adding to our portfolio with good search engine rankings and traffic. This is the first website that I’ve ever bought that I think will stand the test of time and provide lifetime cash flows, and both myself and my dad both have a knack for reading the weather quite often, so I think that I can come up with some pretty good topics on this blog, and serve as a fantastic online resource for all of those interested in or dealing with inclement weather in their location. Thanks again for reading.




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