Is It Safe to Go Outside in The Eye of a Hurricane?

Is It Safe to Go Outside in the Eye of a Hurricane?

Is it safe to go outside in the eye of a Hurricane? Two words, hell no! The eye of a hurricane is usually calm and this usually tempts many people to go outside. But is it really safe to be outside in the eye of a hurricane? The general answer is no. In a nutshell, the reasoning is that the absolute worst of the storm could literally be just miles or yards away, and you have basically no way of knowing when its coming. Now have people gone outside in the eye of the Hurricane and lived to tell the tale? Absolutely. In fact, in Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Ian, recent devastating storms that hit the area of Florida, I’ve seen people taking videos outside and leaving without a scratch on them….does not mean it’s a good idea, continue reading to find out more, and be sure to read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.


Is It Actually Safe to Go Outside During the Eye of a Hurricane? NO!


A quick answer is NO, it is not safe. Although the eye of a hurricane is usually calm, it is very dangerous to go outside during this time, especially if the hurricane is still in the water. Hurricane is Is it Safe to Go Outside in the Eye of a Hurricane?very unpredictable, meaning things can change pretty fast. The reason why the eye of a hurricane is very dangerous is because it usually creates an illusion that things are calm thus no need to panic or take extra precautions to protect yourself. In fact, most people usually assume that the storm is over during the eye of a hurricane because it is usually very calm, and sunny. However, just when you take off your guard the real thing strikes catching you with little notice.


The most dangerous thing about the eye of the hurricane is that the wind can change direction any second, meaning that the storm can abruptly start in a new place without any warning. Going outside to check if everything is okay may not be a good decision because you may be caught by a new storm because of a change in wind direction.


More Eye of the Storm Facts

Additionally, when you are in the eye of a hurricane, it means that the storm is not yet over. You are still in the middle despite things being calm. The danger of the back which is usually catastrophic has not yet passed. More so, the hurricane’s eye diameter can change at any time thus putting the affected area at risk. Also, when the hurricane reaches its peak, the eye’s diameter usually contracts because of increased pressure. This can result in the weakening of the eye causing strong winds that can cause huge damage.

So, if you are thinking of going outside in the hurricane, please don’t because you may not be making the right decision. You may be caught in the middle when things change suddenly. Wait until the storm goes away before you go outside.


Tips If You Decide to Do This Anyways, Be Quick and Do What You Need to Do Swiftly!


So, you’ve decided to do this anyways, even with our dire warnings above. Well if you still are not convinced, here’s a quote directly from FSU’s meteorology department, one of the most renowned Universities in the United States.

“It is often very tempting for people to go outside during the eye of the storm to check things out.  This is extremely dangerous!  At some point, the opposite eye wall will approach.  The eye wall most often contains the most intense winds.”

And in case you think I’m making this up, I’m getting this directly from the Florida State University Meteorology Program Website Here.

My advice, if I absolutely cannot change your mind with all of the above, make like the Flash and be quick, like 30 seconds to one minute quick. Seriously, the weather can literally go from laid back and calm to the EYE WALL, the strongest part of the storm hitting you in a matter of minutes. You could easily end up in a Catastrophic situation with debris heading right towards you, do not do this.

Final Thoughts On Is It Safe to Go Outside in the Eye of a Hurricane?


Nuff said. While it may be tempting, heck no it is not safe to go outside in the eye of the Hurricane, and I am certain that many a fool have lost their lives trying to time this when they could’ve just stayed inside and survived. Hope you enjoyed reading and found this informative, be sure to read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information on all things Weather.






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