What Is The Weather Like in Ohio?

What is the Weather Like in Ohio Typically? My Take on this Frigid yet Great State

As something of a lifelong Akronite, I can tell you without a question that the weather in Ohio…for at least 4 or 5 months out of the year, that the weather is anything but pleasant, at least to your average Joe. Personally, if I didn’t love the cold, and almost literally crave it at times, my chances of surviving in Ohio this long, let alone a city-type area with sometimes high statistics for being less than great in terms of safety, would have been slim to none. So what is the weather typically like in Ohio? What should you know if you are moving to or visiting the state, and what is some advice that you would give to a newbie if someone was moving here from out of state for work, love or family? Read on to find out as I tell you all the little things about the state of Ohio that you should know before moving here.

Number 1 Thing to Know About Ohio – It is going to get cold here, like Polar Bear Igloo level cold!

If you’re from a warmer state like Florida or Georgia or the old south region, or even Hawaii, etc. you will soon find that around October and November, all the way to like April or May, that Ohio is COLD like COLD COLD. Average temperatures in Ohio in October are going to be something like 40 degrees, with November hitting mid 30s as an average, and with December coming What is the Weather Like in Ohio?with lows of often frigid temperatures in the 20s! January and February just get worse from here, and you are practically guaranteed to get a snow storm at least once per year while you are here! If you don’t like the cold or you can’t at least tolerate it, you may want to reconsider moving here, as you will not be a happy camper (or should I say happy Ohioan.)

Number 2 – Make Friends sooner rather than later, you will regret it otherwise

Ohio can be very lonely. You’ll notice this as someone who just moved here, that even if you are lonely, you are not the only one. It is just a lonely place to be when everyone is essentially locked in their homes for 6 or 7 months out of the year. There’s also not much of a bar scene and it’s somewhat dangerous to walk around the city at night, combine all of this and you have a bit of a lonely world here. If you are an introvert or you have like a high powered job or something and are able to power through this, you should be fine, otherwise steer clear.

Number 3- Get yourself a good pair of all season tires and make friends with a car wash guy that can give you regular undercarriage washes on your car

You’ll thank me come winter time. General tires just ain’t going to cut it in the snow and God Forbid truly that you try to drive on the ice one day, it could be a disaster. Keep an eye on your weather on a pretty consistent basis, it may just save you.

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Number 4 – Find a way to get the meal plan situation sorted out Quickly in Akron or other downtown and city type areas of Ohio – The Fast Food habit daily adds up, Both Financially and Health Wise

Grocery shopping may be a bit different than you’re used to in certain towns. You may have a hike from where you parked your car and where your apartment is, and you might just have to lug tons of groceries with multiple trips from the car to the apartment, it can be quite a time consuming ordeal. When I moved out of the folks house into my first Akron apartment I remember it used to take me almost 3 hours on Sunday to go shopping and get my groceries and everything sorted out, food for thought here. Factor and Hello Fresh can be a Godsend in Ohio.

Number 5 – Ohio is a really cool, Midwestern and Homely State if You Can Learn the Culture!

If you get used to the above and you do find yourself a friend circle or a significant other, you may just have found yourself a lifelong friend circle. Even people in the office are a lot friendlier than people in other states, ie. Florida and Georgia, and will genuinely make an effort to have a relationship with you.

Number 6 – Buying a House Conservatively May Be the Best Thing About Ohio

You can buy houses for like $100,000 here! $3,000 down gets you a whole house on an FHA loan! How you gonna beat that seriously? If you’re interested in Real Estate, literally nothing is going to beat midwestern property prices. And if you or a business partner is really handy or good with maintenance, you can definitely make a killing in real estate here.

Final Thoughts on What Is The Weather Typically Like in Ohio?

And there you have it. It’s cold, its dark and its lonely, but that being said people adapt to their environment. Akronites are a very different people than Floridians are or Georgians are, and people in Ohio are their own breed! Feel free to comment down below if you are ever moving to the Ohio area with any questions, happy to chat. Thanks again for reading and be sure to read on or subscribe for additional details and information on all things Weather!



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