Is It Loud Inside a Tornado?

Is It Loud Inside a Tornado? And Why They Sound Like a Roaring Freight Train

We all fear tornadoes because of the massive destruction that they cause along their path. With strong winds that reach up to 300 miles per hour, this violent storm can reduce a neighborhood to rubble in seconds. But have you ever wondered whether it is loud it is inside a tornado? If yes, then you have come to the right place. This article will answer the question of is it loud inside a tornado, will seek to explain why it is extremely loud because a tornado is basically a land vortex, and more, read on or subscribe for more information on all things weather!

Is it loud inside a tornado?


Is It Loud Inside a Tornado?YES, a few people who have survived being inside a tornado have said that it is extremely loud inside. According to experts, the sound inside a tornado is similar to a train or a jet taking off. The sound inside a tornado is estimated to be at least 5 times louder than the sound outside. Some people who have survived being inside a tornado say that it sounds like a huge waterfall. Regardless of the sound that is produced inside a tornado, one thing that is for sure is that it is incredibly loud inside a tornado.


Why Is It So Loud Inside a Tornado?


Now that you know that inside a tornado is too loud, let’s discuss the reason behind it. To help you understand better why a tornado is too loud, let’s first go back to the basics of how a tornado forms. A tornado is formed from a huge thunderstorm that causes huge spinning of air currents at incredibly fast speed. Now, to make it even simpler, imagine how it usually feels when you drive your car at a high speed on a freeway with the window down. Of course, it is usually very loud. Now, inside a tornado, it is more than 1000 times louder. That is why tornadoes usually cause massive destruction along their path. Inside is where the sound originates and that is why it is incredibly loud.


Why Humans Really Don’t Know What The Inside of a Tornado Actually Is

Supposedly there are a handful of stories of people saying that they “survived the inside of a Tornado.” This may be partially true, but what I’ll say is, it’s more like this happened by accident. No one has just walked up to a Tornado and kept walking forward, as it would basically chop you to bits somewhat like a lawn mower blade, or you’d get involved in all the dust, metal and debris inside the Tornado. You’d be toast really really quickly, so no one really has lived to tell the tale.

Can Your Ears Get Damaged From Being Near a Tornado?


YES, it can affect your hearing. According to experts, the extremely loud sound inside a tornado can negatively impact your hearing. The extremely loud noise can cause severe ear damage and, in some cases, complete hearing loss. Fortunately, tornadoes usually move so fast and as a result, they usually cause little to no impact to victims. But if you stay inside a tornado for more than 20 seconds, it can cause permanent ear damage because the sound is extremely loud.


What can I do to avoid being inside a tornado? Or Even Near One


The last place anyone would ever want to be is inside a tornado. Very few people have been lucky to survive being inside a tornado. Below are tips on how to avoid being inside a tornado.

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  • Be aware of weather conditions

If you are not aware of weather conditions in your area, then you may easily find yourself inside a tornado. That is why it is important to always stay up to date with the weather conditions in your area. Thanks to advances in technology, most tornadoes are usually predicted earlier before they occur. So, if you are aware of weather conditions in your area, you will quickly know the date and time when a tornado will form and pass and make necessary preparations to ensure that does not affect you.


  • Shelter at a safe place

Where you shelter will also determine whether you will get inside a tornado or not. If you want to stay safe and away from the tornado, you need to shelter in a safe place like the basement or the first floor of a room. Low areas such as the basement provides the best protection against tornadoes. Avoid sheltering in areas close to the window or door.


How Far Away Does a Tornado Have to Be For You to Hear It?


It depends on the size and strength of the tornado. If a tornado is so strong, you can start hearing from as far as 4 miles while weaker ones can be heard within a short distance of less than 0.5 miles. However, according to research, the average distance that a tornado can be heard is 1.3 miles away. The best way to avoid being caught off guard by a tornado is by making early preparations and monitoring weather news closely.


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