Why Is The Emergency Alert System Scary to Hear?

Why Is The Emergency Alert System So Scary to Hear?

Picture this, it’s 11AM on a Sunday in the middle of rural Kansas. You work as a Barista at a local coffee shop, and today is your one day off for the week. You’re barefoot kicking back on a Sunday with a cup of coffee and your dog, and then all of a sudden your CNBC cable broadcast (anyone else like to watch Finance here?) changes to the sound of a SIREN. BEEP…..BEEP….BEEP….”The National Weather Service Has Issued a Tornado warning in the city of Topeka, stay inside and seek shelter. Loss of property and life are possible.” You hear this played over and over on the TV, your dog starts panicking, and it’s time to get in the cellar or the basement, should you have one. Luckily in areas like these they typically have spots underground where you can go in the case of tornadoes, but for millions of Americans over the years and decades that have passed, this has been a legitimate scenario that has occurred. But just Why Is The Emergency Alert system so scary to hear?why does the Severe Weather alert system seem so scary when it comes on? In this blog post, let’s explore the psychology in detail of why is the Emergency Alert System so scary to hear?

Why That Emergency Broadcast System Tone is Terrifying

The loud horn noise is primarily what causes this fear mongering sound. With this being said however the guys voice seems very scary and serious, which is why it turns peoples amygdala on and springs people to action. If it was a nice, serene weather alert sound, no one would take it seriously and it would not convey the same message.

Why This is Done By Design and It’s Supposed to Be This Way for Your Safety

Everything on that emergency broadcast is done practically by design. The color, the sound, the alert, the voice, it’s meant to alert you that yes this is serious and a tornado is coming. When you think of it like that, it makes sense that it would be built the way it is. It does exactly what it was designed to do, to let you know that YES THIS IS REAL and that you need to seek shelter and move, NOW like right now, or else loss of life or property could occur, just like the alert says!

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Why It Is Meant to Inspire Fear To Move You to Action

Another reason they may come across so scary is because it will just cut into programming causing that loud buzzing sound. Your brain is also somewhat anticipating something bad and you are as afraid of the actual storm coming in X number of minutes as you are wondering why this weird broadcast thing is popping up on your screen. Add in the loud train like roaring sound of the actual tornado itself and the fact that you’re thinking this may be your last moments on earth, and yes you’ve got a scenario there for quite some fear.

Final Thoughts on Why is The Emergency Alert System so Scary to Hear?

And there you have it! Have a story about your panic about an emergency alert system with either a Tornado or hurricane or other severe alert? Leave a comment down below and let us know.









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