What Does Farmers Almanac Say About This Coming Winter 2023?

What Does Farmers Almanac Say About This Coming Winter 2023?

The Farmer’s Almanac, a long-standing resource, offers weather predictions and astronomical data. People often anticipate their winter weather predictions, which stir discussion and influence preparations for the upcoming season. While Farmers Almanac isn’t necessarily gospel in terms of what will happen this winter (no one knows what is going to happen this winter until they have the benefit of hindsight to guide them…ie when they’re  looking backwards) it has been frighteningly accurate over the years. So take this with a grain of salt, but Farmers Almanac, based on weather patterns, and some Author that needs a paycheck sitting in his office with a warm cup of coffee, is saying that we are going to have a bad winter this 2023. In this blog post, we’ll look at other Weather Superstition guides for winter and what they are saying, like the New England Lobster or the Groundhog, and will also look at things like the El Nino and La Nina effect and what they may have, based on backed science, in terms of an effect on the severity of the cold this winter.

Forecasts at a Glance


The Old Farmer’s Almanac states that, using their “secrets of the trade,” we can expect an intense winter in 2023-24. Their forecast indicates that nearly the entire country will experience a harsh winter, with the North suffering the most from “above normal” snowfall, stretching from the heart of Minnesota to the tip of Maine.

Looking at this from a more scientific angle, here are some reasons why we may actually have a bad winter:

What Does Farmers Almanac Say About This Coming Winter 2023?Maine’s forecasting lobster (the belfast lobster) [kidding]

We are coming up on an El Nino Winter this year. This essentially means that it is wetter and colder in the south and dryer and warmer in the North during the Winter. This means that actually, in the Northern hemisphere, and where I’m at in the state of Ohio, that we will actually get a MILD winter. Hooray! As a Floridian who is having his first winter in the State in quite a long time, that’s good news for me because I’ll still be able to drive close to the Grocery store 🙂

The National Weather Center is giving it a 90% to 95% chance of an El Nino continuing, I’ll take those odds any day.

Snowfall Projections


The Almanac predicts “above normal” snowfall. In the land of 10,000 lakes, Minnesota, residents can expect an abundant white fluffy experience throughout the season. Winter enthusiasts who revel in snow-blanketed landscapes and outdoor snowy activities may find joy in this prediction.

This being said…strangely….the National Weather Service and their 90% prediction of a continued El Nino is giving a different projection. I’m somewhat betting on Science over speculation here.

Temperature Trends


The forecast also predicts that the country will encounter cold temperatures, with some areas facing harsher conditions than others. The chilliest temperatures are primarily slated for the western states and northeastern New England.


In the US, particularly in the North, the Farmer’s Almanac expects temperatures to fall below the usual range. It notes that “more snow and low temperatures” are ahead. This suggests longer periods of winter chill might extend even into regions typically known for milder winters.

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Winter, Is It Bad?


Predicting weather for an entire season is a challenge that the Farmer’s Almanac successfully tackles each year. This year, they anticipate a winter filled with considerable snowfall and severe cold temperatures.



Is this inherently ‘bad’? To some, the predicted severe winter might pose challenges. It calls for proper preparation and precaution, in areas that have to cope with substantial snowfall, icy roads, and freezing temperatures.


However, winter enthusiasts – skiers, snowboarders, and those who relish winter-themed recreational activities – will probably welcome the news. Moreover, increased snowfall ensures a better water supply during the spring runoff for areas that depend on it.

*Also, a quick side note that the Farmer’s Almanac is now always right, and neither is the magic weather telling lobster of New England, I’m taking science over speculation here, mild winter coming our way.

Conclusion on What Does Farmers Almanac Say About Winter 2023? Why I’m Taking the Spread on a Mild Winter


The Farmer’s Almanac offers an estimate, not a guarantee, of the winter conditions. The forecast suggests the North will face the harshest cold and snow. Opinions on whether this is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ may differ, but it’s a reminder that preparation is crucial, regardless of one’s affinity for the icy season.

Farmers Almanac and the New England Lobster I would guess would take an over under spread of about 2 to 1 that this is a severe winter coming our way. I’m betting on a mild one via the 90 to 95% chance of a continued El Nino this year. If I’m right that also means that oil futures could tank….might be a good short position now that I think about it, will follow up on that in another post.

In any case, thanks as always for reading!




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