Why Do Dogs Freak Out During Thunderstorms?

Why Do Dogs Freak Out During Thunderstorms, And How Can I Help My Golden Retriever Relax in Bad Weather?

Have you realized that your dog always acts weird whenever there is a thunderstorm and wondering what could be the issue? Well, you have come to the right place. Most dogs usually freak out during a storm. In this article, we will tell you why your go usually acts wired, and answer the question of why do dogs freak out during Thunderstorms?


  • They are affected by static electricity created by thunderstorms


One of the top reasons why your dog is acting weird during a thunderstorm is because he is affected by the static charge created by the storm. Thunderstorms usually create static charges that eventually cause lightning. While humans are not affected by these static charges, it usually affects most dogs in a negative way and that makes them scared. The static charge created by a Why do dogs freak out during thunderstorms?thunderstorm is usually transmitted to the dog’s hair and creates a tingling sensation that is very uncomfortable to the pooch. That is why most dogs usually look for a place to hide in order to protect themselves from these annoying static charges.


  • Genetics


Some dog breeds are usually too sensitive to loud noises like that of a thunderstorm. So, if your dog falls under breeds that are sensitive to very loud noises, then he will definitely get scared whenever this loud noise bangs. This factor mostly affects companion dogs because they worry too much about their loved ones. When the dog notices that you are too scared because of the storm he will also get scared because he is worried and concerned about you. Companion dogs are very observant and can easily detect when their masters are scared. So, if the dog notices that you are acting strangely because of the storm it could also start acting weird.


  • Sensitive nervous system
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Dogs have a very sensitive nervous system that can detect things that we humans cannot. For instance, heavy storms usually lead to change in barometric pressure. While it is difficult for us to detect these changes, dogs usually detect them before the storm even begins. Thunderstorms also cause change in ions that are quickly detected by dogs causing them to panic. Your dog’s highly sensitive nervous system allows him to detect tiny but very sensitive details that make him scared and uncomfortable during a storm.

And so, in this blog post, let’s look at some ways that you can help ease your pets storm anxiety for good, what it means when they’re being anxious, and how long it will take to get your dog over their phobia of a little lightning and rain.

How to Get Your Dog Over Their Phobia of Storms

About 50% of all dogs have a phobia of storms, they will often hide out in the bathroom, and start sniffing around the house like 15 to 20 minutes before the storm. This is known as the “static electricity theory of storm phobia” and relates to how their nervous systems are more sensitive and pick up changes in lightning and the like in a different way than ours do. In this sense, the reason they are going to the tub is they are going to an object that’s essentially “grounded” in order to escape this feeling.

Advice for helping their phobia:

play with the puppy specifically during thunderstorms

train them YOUNG!

These things take time and will depend a lot more on your patience than even your dogs.

The Thunder and Lightning is something they’ll need to get accustomed to, with time and exposure your dog should get somewhat over their phobia and it will dissipate in time.


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