How Do You Keep Insulin Cold During a Hurricane or Tornado?

How Do You Keep Insulin Cold During a Hurricane or Tornado?

Just how do you keep Insulin cold during a Hurricane or Tornado? This is somewhat of an eerie blog post to write about, and I can only imagine it is just as much so to read about (or maybe you’ve developed a stoic, iron mindset towards this and all is well.) If you’re reading this blog post, it’s very likely that two things are currently ringing true for your life:

You or someone you know closely is a diabetic

There is an approaching Hurricane, Tornado or Severe storm that is likely to knock the power out for several days or possibly longer.

If the above is the case for you, I want to send my regards and say that our thoughts and prayers are with you. But more than that, I want to tell you what I would do if I were in this situation, as well as what per reviewed articles say on this matter, resources you can possibly reach out to for assistance on this, like your doctors office, and tell you a few tips on what I would do.

First Things First – Find a way to keep that insulin cold, start off with your fridge or freezer

How Do You Keep Insulin Cold During a Hurricane or Tornado?So even if your power goes out, you may want to use the residual cold air from your fridge or freezer, as it will last for at least a few hours and sometimes as long as a day once the power goes out.

You may also want to explore something like a battery powered refrigerator to have on hand in case something like this happens, you may want to have your ice maker make a lot of ice ahead of time or better yet, buy a ton of ice at the supermarket and keep it in a cooler. Even when it melts you can use the cold water to keep the insulin cool.

It’s safe to say that if a Hurricane is coming it is going to be bloody hot outside so the actual temperature of your apartment may go up when the AC goes out to possibly 80 degrees +. From what I am reading insulin needs to be kept at 58 degrees or so ideally, but I am reading that it can be kept at room temperature, ie. 59 to 86 degrees or so, for up to 4 weeks. Talk with your doctor about this, as this could be your saving grace if it is the case, I’ve never heard of someone not having power for 4 weeks so you should be good here.

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Funny enough as I am writing this I just found out my fridge is out. The light is gone, it does not make any noise and the ice in my freezer is melted. So I just put the milk and OJ in the freezer and am hoping that the repair guy comes tomorrow. Life’s pretty funny! Best of luck if there is a Hurricane coming your way, or if you are just preparing for something that may be years out, feel free to comment down below if there are any questions we can assist with.


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