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Why You Should Subscribe to Our Email List For the Best in Severe Storm Alerts – Our Text Messaging Service That Is Up and Coming for Severe Weather!

As someone with a deep love for weather and a deep love for people, we are setting up an email list with a few additional capabilities. The email list will give subscribers the following:

  1. Access to weekly severe weather updates in your area – Get information on Hurricanes, tornadoes, and any other major alert as soon as we can get it sent out!
  2. We are setting up a text messaging hotline, essentially to Whatsapp so that if say you have text messaging capability but your internet is out, that maybe we can Google Search something for you. Maybe we can hop on a phone call with you on WhatsApp and try to search questions you may have about the storm, maybe we can try and get a consultant on the line or giveSubscribe to Our Email List for the Best in Severe Storm Alerts you advice on a good way to use your time during the storm. We’re not geniuses but sometimes having someone that you know that is fully on the grid whilst you’re in the storm can be a helpful resource.
  3. We are going to use some of the funding from the email list in order to scale our weather content, and to gain more traction to try and increase donations for storm victims. Especially this most recent Florida storm of Hurricane Idalia and Hurricane Ian from last year.
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Subscribe and we’ll email you with more details on our WhatsApp plan as it arises.






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