How Does a Tornado Form

How Does a Tornado Form?

A tornado (also known as a twister), is a rapidly rotating, funnel-shaped cloud that extends from a thunderstorm and comes into contact with the Earth’s surface. These atmospheric storms often contain dust, hail, debris, and water droplets. With wind speeds that can reach up to 300 mph and damage paths that can go over a …

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How Fast do Tornadoes Spin

How Fast Do Tornadoes Spin?

Also called twisters, tornadoes are an extreme weather phenomenon that consist of high, spinning winds that form a funnel shaped structure. When a tornado occurs, it can cause massive devastation. It can destroy homes and buildings, uproot trees and vegetation, and hurl anything it comes into contact with hundreds of meters across the ground. It …

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Tornado Facts for Kids

Tornado Facts For Kids

The following interesting facts about tornadoes were specifically chosen for kids to ensure a much better understanding of this type of storm. Many kids love to learn about storms and weather, and a tornado is an inherently beautiful and interesting meteorological phenomenon that is sure to fascinate your little ones. We’ve hand-selected these facts that …

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Storm Chasing

Storm Chasing

There are adventures which can leave a lasting impression on anyone. For many people fascinated by weather phenomena, storm chasing is an unforgettable, bucket-list experience. Yet, before you jump in head first, make sure to consider all the facts and understand that this activity requires meticulous preparation to mitigate the risks that come with it.

Cyclone vs Tornado

What is the Difference Between a Cyclone and a Tornado?

Considering that both cyclones and tornadoes are violent spiraling storms, many people ask themselves whether tornadoes and cyclones are the same thing. They’re not. In today’s Cyclone vs Tornado comparison article we’re going to explain to you everything about these two weather phenomena, including their similarities and differences. So, let’s start by explaining what a …

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Tornado Alley

What is Tornado Alley?

You may have heard about Tornado Alley in the news, and if you have interest in tornadoes then you’re probably wondering where it is, how big it is, and how it earned its name. The truth is that this Midwestern corridor an unofficial designation for a group of states that have a history of many …

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Hurricane vs Tornado

Hurricane vs Tornado Comparison

Everybody know the devastation that these two powerful storms can cause, but what are the differences between hurricanes and tornadoes? How are they unique, and in what ways are they similar? In today’s hurricane vs tornado comparison article, we’ll explore the similarities and differences between these meteorological monsters.

Biggest Tornadoes

The Worst & Biggest Tornadoes Ever [LIST]

Most tornadoes only last a few minutes and are relatively weak. But in rare cases, tornadoes are much stronger and cover distances of several hundred kilometers. These devastating storms exact an enormous toll on the communities they ravage – both in terms of lost life and physical destruction.

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